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Best Mobiles 2021 India Smartphones Upcoming in 2021 or 2022

Best Mobiles 2021 India Smartphones Upcoming in 2021

The future is always going to be more interesting, we are seeing a lot of changes in the upcoming smartphone technology b / w 2021 and 2021. The last 5 years were a turning point for the tech industry and the smartphone industry in particular. world.

We have seen a lot of changes in the smartphone during this time period. I used to dream about the Bezel-Les Notch-les smartphones 7 to 8 years ago and now its reality. Many brilliant smartphone companies are working day and night to make smartphones a future gadget. Apple changed the way smartphones operate by implementing a notch and Samsung did it with its foldable device. Now the coming smartphones are going to be more advanced in the coming year and we will see a lot more new future devices.

There are several devices in the line waiting to be launched and we will discuss them all. There are many terrific smartphone companies that have proven themselves to be a genius in this industry. Chinas manufacturers have always come up with their cheaper options and since last decade, they were known for their low quality products. But somehow they managed to break the concept, companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi managed to create a good reputation in the heart of smartphone lovers.

So due to the Corna virus, we are definitely launching a slow smartphone, but the innovation will not stop. In this post, we are going to talk about the best upcoming smartphones for the year 2021 and 2022. All the phones fall in the mid-range and flagship segment and are expected to be packed with much more innovations and designs. We will also see a lot of changes in the design of smartphones.


best mobiles 2021

iPhone 12 upcoming smartphone

The iPhone is one of the most in-demand phones on the planet, people are always crazy for Apple products. We have seen many terrible devices from Apple over the last 5 years and they were all terrible to use. From the iPhone 6 series, they adopted a new design and strategy for their smartphones that culminated with the iPhone 10 design when they introduced a bezel-less notch display, a complete creative piece by the company, and The trend is still ongoing with the iPhone 11 series.

But the company’s new upcoming smartphone is expected to increase more in terms of design than the previous model. In the Pro variant of this device, there is almost confirmed quad-camera setup on the rear, while the rest will get triple camera setup. The processing power of the device will be the best ever, which is not surprising given that they always offer a beast and advanced processor with their new range of smartphones.

OnePlus 8T

best mobiles 2021

Fast-growing companies are ready to launch their upcoming smartphones for the future. It can be said to be the successor to the OnePlus 8 Series which is very luxurious and comes with a perfect match of prices and specs. But now they are moving to an extreme price tag as we have seen with the OnePlus 8 Pro which costs around $ 800. So it is not right to call it just a mid-range device manufacturer they were called.

Talking about OP8T, it is going to be a tremendous device, but most of the time we see a similar design with the T variants of the previous series. There is a high probability that the company will use the same processor called the Snapdragon 865 with this device, as they did with the OnePlus 8 series. Obviously, buyers of previous phones will feel cheated by upgrading it too much. This phone is expected to have most of the War Charge 30 wireless system, which will help this phone to charge extremely fast in wireless mode.

Galaxy note 20

best mobiles 2021 india

The successor to the Note10 will be called the Note20. Yes you heard right, now Samsung has changed the naming scheme of its Galaxy series. Now we will see a jump of number 10 in every series. This is not the first time they have seen the Galaxy S20 series instead of the S12 after the Galaxy S11. Let’s not ignore it, the name doesn’t matter every time, the important thing is how they are going to present this tool to the world.

Nevertheless, there is little information in the market, but surprisingly it is becoming interesting day by day. A new leaked render shows a great design of the smartphone which you can see above. This will be the latest experiment in terms of processors too.


best mobiles 2021 india

This is a long-awaited phone from Microsoft, we were expecting a Microsoft foldable phone for the last several years. The phone had been in rumors for so long and not a single exact word was given by the company until Q4 of 2019 when they announced a device called Microsoft Surface Duo.

As you can see in the images above that were officially released by the company, it shows two screens on the device that can be folded together. So basically it is not a normal foldable phone, as we were seeing as Galaxy Fold, Huawei and other smartphones. But it is a completely different technology or concept that they bought the world, you may be able to make calls using the other application at the same time on another screen. The second screen can only be used as a controller while playing the game.

It would be really fun for the world to test the launched device, the launch date was expected from Microsoft in 2020, but due to the Corona epidemic, it is called a delay. However, a recent report (via Android Authority) clarified that it is scheduled to launch soon in 2020.

For this device, Microsoft is developing some of its specialized applications that will only be supported on this special foldable phone to give you the next level of experience. Along with smartphones, we can also see Microsoft Surface Buds and are said to be tough competitors of Apple Earbuds.

About 486 upcoming mobile phones were available, with an upcoming launch date and prices. Discover a wide range of upcoming mobiles with key features, unique features and images. The cheapest one in this category is the InFocus Vibe 2 (2019) for Rs. 900 and the highest price is Rs. 1,98,720 for Samsung W2019. Motorola One Vision Plus, Oppo Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition and Motorola Moto G5G are the latest mobiles in this category.

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