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Happy Bhogi Wishes 2022 Images Greetings Wallpapers HD

About Bhogi Festival 2022

We show you the Best Happy Bhogi Wishes 2022 Images. Happy Bhogi Wishes 2022 Images Greetings Wallpapers HD. First you know about Bhogi festival complete information. Commonly we tell bhogi in telugu and tamil like this : Telugu: భోగి 2022, Tamil: போகி 2022. Bhogi is the first day of the four-day Makar Sankranti festival. It is usually celebrated on 13 January according to the Gregorian calendar. It is a widely celebrated festival in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Bhogi festival 2022 celebrate in Telangana.

On the enjoyer, people discard old and degrading things and focus on new things due to change or change. At dawn, people burn bonfires at home with logs of wood, other solid-fuel and wooden furniture that are not useful for starting new accounts from the next day that is harvest day. We see you the best images of Bhogi festival 2022 images. Bhogi greetings Bhogi festival wallpaper Bhogi HD images Bhogi 2022 HD

More About Bhogi festival 2022

People abandon all the old things in the house on this day and start a new era.
On this day the houses are washed clean and white and decorated with marigold flowers, mango leaves and new things.
The floral designs called ‘Kollam’ with freshly chopped rice flour paste and red markings are made by the women of the house according to the traditions. Pumpkin flowers are also added to these designs.
Fresh cow dung cakes called ‘Gobamma’ are placed within these designs and earthen lamps are lit on them.
On this day, food is cooked with freshly chopped rice, sugarcane and turmeric.
Farmers worship their plow and other tools on this day. On this day, instruments are washed with a coat of kumkum and sandalwood and on this day offerings are made to the Sun God and Mother Earth before cutting the first paddy.
Bhogi mantalu is a ritual practiced in some areas. Here bonfire is burnt with cow dung and wood and all the old goods and clothes are sacrificed in this fire. All agricultural and household waste such as old pottery and broom sticks are thrown into the fire.
The women of the family chant the mantra and sing songs of praise to the gods, circling around the sacred fire.
On this day, women take new clothes and jewelery after taking holy bath.
Pongal Panai is a ritual that is followed by a bhogi, during which new earring pots are painted and decorated with flowers and mango leaves.
As a mark of the festive mood, buffalo horns in the village are often painted and decorated by the locals.
The day signals the family to be together and visit friends and relatives.
Bhogi Pallu is prepared by placing fresh chopped rice and fruits with money; It is then distributed among children.
The festival is marked by activities such as rangoli making and rural sports such as kite flying, cock fighting and bull fighting.

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