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PM announce Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 from Corona Virus COVID-19

Janata Curfew on 22 March 2020?

Citizens are seen as a precaution on Covid-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called for a ‘Janata Curfew 22 March 2020‘. The Prime Minister also announced the creation of id Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force ‘under the Union Finance Minister. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will meet ministers of animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries, civil aviation, MSME and tourism on Friday to take feedback and assess the impact of Covid-19.

Modi also asked businesses and high net worth individuals not to cut their employees’ salaries.

Emphasizing resolve and moderation, asking citizens to observe the Cur Janata curfew from 7am to 9pm on Sunday, he said: “Our experience of Janata curfew should allow us to move forward to deal with coronary viruses in India Will help ”.

Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 Full Information Video

In an address to the nation, he further said that there is no one to get out of the house except those connected with essential services like health, government services, sanitation and media.

The Prime Minister said that there are many brave people who are at the forefront of fighting the Covid-19 epidemic such as medical staff, police, government employees, airline employees, media personnel, bus / train / auto operators and those involved in providing home delivery. To honor the nation for his immense service during such efforts, he suggested that on 22 March at 5 pm, all citizens should stand in the doors of their homes and clap or ring bells to acknowledge their efforts. And salute you. For five minutes as a show of appreciation.

What is JANATA CURFEW: Here’s how it will work

  1. PM Modi on Sunday (March 22) urged all citizens of the country to stop in the streets and public places
  2. Janata curfew will start at 7 am on Sunday and will continue till 9 pm.
  3. People working in essential services like police, medical services, media, home delivery, fire fighting and service to the nation etc. will not be required to participate in Janata curfew.
  4. At 5 pm, all citizens are requested by the Prime Minister to encourage those working in essential services during Coronavirus time, to stand at their door and clap or bells.

“For the past two months, millions of people have been working day and night in hospitals and airports and serving others by not taking care of themselves. At 5 pm on March 22, we have to stand at our doors, balconies, our windows Should live and keep. ” PM Modi said that joining hands and ringing the bell for five minutes is a salute and encouragement to them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked all Indians to stay in the house between 7 and 9 am on Sunday to fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus. “Janata Curfew” (People’s Curfew) – Janata curfew for the public, Janata curfew by the people, impose Janata curfew on March 22 between 7 and 9 am. All citizens must obey the Janata curfew. Any citizen should follow the name of the nation. An address should not say that he should step down or step aside.

PM announce Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 from Corona Virus
PM announce Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 from Corona Virus COVID-19

Modi cautioned that India could not be immune to the global epidemic caused by coronovirus. He said that social distance was very important at such a time. He said that “sankalp and sanam” (vows and patience) were two important features to conquer the virus.

“Decency will be our doubt,” he said, appealing to the country to strictly follow the “social distinction”.

The social capital he earned after winning re-election in 2019, PM Modi sought to enlist citizens as stakeholders in the fight against the Corona epidemic.

PM Narendra Modi Words of speech about Janata Curfew

“The world is going through a grave crisis. Earlier natural disasters have been limited to a few countries. But this transition has confused the whole world, “he said, adding that so many countries were not involved in World Wars 1 and 2, as much as it was a crisis.

The coronavirus epidemic currently infects more than 222,000 people in 159 countries and claims more than 10,000 lives.

In countries with major incidence of infection, the number of cases has exploded, initially after a few cases, he said.

Modi said, “There are some countries that have taken the necessary decisions and alienated their people”. Whoever thinks that COVID-19 cannot affect India was wrong. “Two things are needed in this situation.” There were “determination and patience”.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, “130 crore Indians have to be determined.” They have said that they fully perform our duty, follow the instructions of the state and central government. He says we will take steps to prevent getting infected and protect others from getting infected. “

“If we are healthy, the world is healthy,” Modi said, noting that there was no vaccine to prevent the disease, given the social disturbances.

“I appeal that those who really want to leave their homes in the coming weeks should step in. As much as possible, work from home and do business, “he said. He urged people 60-65 and older not to leave their homes.

Work team

The ‘Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force’ will consult stakeholders, seek feedback, based on which decisions will be taken to meet the challenges, adding that it will also ensure the implementation of decisions taken to meet these challenges. . It is likely to meet for the first time on Friday.

Acknowledging that salaried class and daily wage earners, Modi urged the business community and high income groups to look after the economic needs of the low income group from whom they availed various services. They should not cut salary in those days. Unable to render services due to inability to come to work. He emphasized the importance of humanity at such a time.

Modi Ji also assured the countrymen that there will be no shortage of essential commodities like food, milk, medicines etc. He urged people not to resort to panic shopping. Modi Ji called on everyone to work unitedly and contribute fully to overcome the crisis of Covid-19. He said that in times of such global epidemic, it is important to ensure that ity humanity wins and India wins’.

Opposition response

Opposition parties promised support for the Center’s efforts to fight Corona. However, he urged the Narendra Modi government to implement appropriate plans to resolve the crisis clearly. The opposition Congress said it would support the efforts, including the Jannat curfew from the Center.

People also ask

Here are few questions about PM announce Janata Curfew on 22 March 2020 from Corona Virus (COVID-19)

What is the timing of Janata Curfew?

Janata curfew by the people, impose Janata curfew on March 22 between 7 and 9 am. All citizens must obey the Janata curfew.

When Narendra Modi announce Janata Curfew 22 March 2020?

PM Narendra Modi announce Janata Curfew of 22 March 2020 on dated 19 March 2020 evening 8PM.

Is Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 Successful?

Yes, Janata Curfew 22 March 2020 successful completely announced by PM Narendra Modi.

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