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New Year Muggulu 2022 Design with Colours and Dots

New Year Muggulu 2022

Very Best New Year Muggulu 2022 Designs and Latest New Year Muggulu Designs with Dots. Best New Year Muggulu 2022 with Colours.

New Year Muggulu 2022 Design with Colours

New Year Best Muggulu Designs in 2022. Best Designs of Muggulu in the year 2022. Happy New Year 2022 with Muggulu Designs with Colours and Dots.

New Year Muggulu 2022 Design with Dots

Best Dots Muggulu Designs for New Year 2022. New Year Muggulu 2022 Design with Dots

New Year Muggulu 2022 Full Information

Muggulu is an art form, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created using materials such as colored rice, colored sand, quartz powder, flower petals, and colored rocks on the floor or ground. It is commonly made during Diwali or Tihar, Onam, Pongal, Sankranti and other Hindu festivals in the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly made during Diwali. Design is passed from one generation to another, keeping both art and tradition alive. [1]

Muggulu aims to feel strength, generosity, and is thought to bring good luck. Design illustrations can also vary as they depict traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each region. It is traditionally performed by girls or women, although men and boys also do it. Typically, this practice is performed during occasions such as festivals, auspicious ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and other similar milestones and ceremonies.

Muggulu designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity imprints, or flower and petal shapes (suitable for given ceremonies), but they can also be very elaborate designs devised by many. The base material is usually powdered quartz, dried or wet powder or dried flour, to which sinduram (sindoor), pasupu (turmeric) and other natural colors can be added. Synthetic color is a modern variation. Other materials include red brick powder and even flowers and petals, as in the case of flower Muggulu.

Over time, Muggulu art also incorporates imagination and innovative ideas. They have also had an impact on the hospitality and tourism industries and Muggulu has been commercially developed in places like Five Star Hotels. Its traditional charm, artistry and significance still survive.

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