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Ram Navami 2020 date start and end in india calendar

Why Ram Navami 2020 celebrate?

Ram Navami 2020 is primarily a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. Reciting Rama Katha, taking out a procession dedicate to Lord Rama, praying in temples and homes are some of the major rituals that are observe on this day.

When is Sri Ram Navami in 2020?

Sri Ram Navami 2020 (Ram Navami date in Indian Calendar) is on the 2nd of Apr (4/02/2020). Ram Navami 2020 is on the day of Thursday.

Sri Ram Navami is on the 93rd day of 2020. This is the leap year 2020. So, There are 273 days left in this leap year.

Ram Navami 2020 start date and end date

Ram Navami 2020 is start on the (Ram Navami date 2020) 2nd of April (4/02/2020). The Ram Navami is end on the same day. Ram Navami 2020 april is on the day of Thursday.

When Ram Navami Celebrate

Ram Navami 2020 is celebrate on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra (Hindu calendar). According to the Gregorian calendar, the day usually falls between the months of March and April. Ram Navami falls on 2 April (tentative date) in 2020.

Traditions of Ram Navami

Rama was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. He was the hero of the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana.

There is a continuous repetition of the book during the month of Chaitra before the celebration. On Ramnavami, portions of the story are read in the temple.

On Rama Navami the houses are well clean and a family temple can be decorate with small statues of Rama. The offerings of flowers and fruits are keep in the temple and prayers are offer after an early bath.

To mark the day, followers of Hinduism may fast or restrict themselves to a specific diet and will not eat certain foods such as onions, garlic, and wheat products.

Celebrations at prominent places associated with Sri Rama, such as Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh and Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu can attract thousands of devotees.

In some parts of India, there is a tradition of tying an earthen pot full of money to a tree and local youth team up to make and claim the pot.

It is not as easy as it sounds; The base of the tree is covered with soft soil. And when the team tries to reach the top of the tree by building a human pyramid, the spectators are shooting water jets at them. The tradition is similar to ‘vutti’ which occurs during Janmashtami.

Ram Navami 2020

Ram Navami History

According to Hindu mythology, it is widely believed that Lord Rama was born on this day in Ayodhya. Some other devotees believe that Lord Rama was an avatar of Vishnu who came to Ayodhya from heaven on this day as a new-born child.

How is Ram Navami Celebrate

Hymns and kirtans are held at the homes or religious sites of devotees who are dedicated to Lord Rama. People usually visit temples on this day to seek blessings. In places like Ayodhya, processions are taken out with small idols of Rama placed on a cradle.

Most temples organize “Havana” concerning fire, which aims to purify the mind, body and soul. Priests distribute sweets and fruits to devotees in the form of “offerings”. Generally, devotees keep fast throughout the day till midnight.

The fast is usually broken by the consumption of sweets and fruits. Ramlila – A theatrical depiction of Lord Rama defeating Ravana is performe in many parts of the country. The play is usually performe on an open-air stage.

Though this festival is celebrate across the country, the major festivals take place in Ayodhya, Bhadrachalam, Rameswaram and Sitamarhi. Apart from Lord Rama, the deities of Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman are also worshipe on this day.

Ram Navami 2020 in Bihar

Sitamarhi is considered to be the birthplace of Goddess Sita. It is an important place for Hindu pilgrims. Janaki Mandir, a temple famous for celebrating the festival of Ramnavami. The temple is being decorated and a fair is also organized.

Ram Navami in Uttar Pradesh

Ayodhya is the top Indian destination to celebrate the festival of Ramnavmi. According to Hindu mythology, Ayodhya is considered as the birthplace of Lord Rama. People decorate their homes, decorate their homes and perform various religious ceremonies. A beautiful chariot procession is organized to celebrate the festival of Rama Navami.

Ram Navami in Tamil Nadu

Rameshwar is popular for its temple devote to God Ram. It is trusted that a bridge call the Rama Setu. It was constructed to cross over to Srilanka to Rameshwar. People staying nearby the city of Rameshwar can consider planning a 2-3 day trip to this destination.

Ram Navami in Telangana

Bhadrachalam, a place in Telangana, is popular for the Bhadrachalam temple devote to Lord Ram. The destination, cited on the banks of the Godavari River, celebrates Ram Navami with great devotion. The temple is the center of all Ram Navami activities.

Ram Navami 2020 kab hai

Sri Ram Navami in 2020 is start on the 2nd of April (4/02/2020). Ram Navami is celebrate by all over in India.

Sri Ram Navami celebration out of India

Similarly, colonial era Hindu descendants brought by the British government from India in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, other Caribbean countries, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, and many other countries have been celebrating Rama Navami with their others. Traditional festival.

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People also ask Questions and Answers

Q. How long is Ram Navami?

A. Mostly Ram Navami celebrated on only one day of Navami. According to the Hindu calendar, Rama Navami falls on the 9th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. Devotees end their nine-day fast on this auspicious occasion. This year Ram Navami will be celebrated on 2 April i.e. Thursday.

Q. Is Ram Navami a government holiday?

A. Holiday of Ram Navami 2020 on the 2nd of April. Ram Navami is primarily a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. This day is celebrated on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra (Hindu calendar). … Rama Navami arrives on April 2 (tentative date) in 2020.

Q. Why is Ram Navami celebrated in India?

A. Ram Navami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama. Ram Navami is a festival of great importance to the people of Hinduism.

Q. Where is Rama Navami?

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh: Ayodhya is the top Indian destination to celebrate the festival of Ramnavmi. According to Hindu mythology, Ayodhya is considered as the birthplace of Lord Rama. Ram navami also celebrate in Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and many more states of India country. But, Ram Navami also Celebrated in some more countries of the world.

Q. अप्रैल में रामनवमी कब है?

A. अप्रैल में रामनवमी 2 तारीख की है. 2 अप्रैल 2020 को नवमी की दिनांक है और गुरुवार के दिन रामनवमी 2020 की है.