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Technology Startups 2021 Company Jobs Invest Lists


Technology Startups 2021 in Survey auto best ai startup
Industry: A.I.
Financing: Undeclared
Investor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Surveying people just got easier with SurveyAuto – one of the latest startups in the AI ​​industry that collects accurate survey results through geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open road maps. Surveyato is a Pakistani entrepreneur Dr. Omar is Saif’s brainchild.

The startup has been in operation for the past two years but has recently received undisclosed funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Technology Startups 2021

CEO, Dr. According to Omar Saif, “SurveyAuto uses a crowdsourcing model and relies on machine learning to know who reports data, where it is collected, and when and how often it is reported. This reduces costs and reduces human errors. “

sounds promising. Only time will tell how fast it grows.


Spacemaker Top AI Startup
Industry: A.I.
Funding: $ 25M
Investor: Atomico
Spacemaker is another great startup that aims to develop sustainable infrastructure that can help companies grow while reducing environmental pollution. It is one of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

Infrastructure designers can get the services of SpaceMaker to provide the smartest way to maximize the value of their real estate structure. They will create and explore billions of site proposals, sort the best people and give infrastructure developers detailed data about each of them. The spacemaker uses machine intelligence to come up with an eco-friendly design.

The ability

Ability best startup
Industry: A.I.
Funding: $ 23.2M
Are you not getting that presentation? Have you forgotten that assignment on your desktop? Can’t find the book you need for your flight? Well, there is a solution to all this. Capability – A successful AI startup company.

Capacity is an AI platform that interlinks everything you need (all apps of your choice) on a single platform. Never lose a digital file ever – Efficiency is the startup’s motto. The software uses AI to find out which apps you need, and keep them ready for you. This helps you and your team manage time and gain knowledge about the things that matter and focus on achieving business goals.


Monitor ai startup
Industry: A.I.
Funding: $ 34.1M
Investor: Scale Ventures
Call center operation? Need a coach for your sales and support team? Inspect. There is AI to go on your platform. It is an AI-powered voice assistant that can convert your contact centers into profit generation machines. how does it? Well, Observe.AI uses machine learning, natural language processing, and a list of error checks to make sure all your voice calls are following the same procedures. It tracks, monitors and educates call agents to ensure that each of your calls can generate sales – thereby increasing profitability and reducing the number of callers without calling. Technology Startups 2021

Ob..AI is supported by Scale Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, and Emergent Ventures. In a short period, it has gained the trust of Tripadvisor, Microsoft, ERCBPO, Talkdesk and other VC firms.

Eyewear technology

Eyewear tech startup
Industry: A.I.
Financing: Undeclared
Investor: High Tech Groundford
IWare Tech is a revolutionary startup in the camera tracking and recognition industry. It monitors a person’s gaze and discovers the motive. The software is developed to meet real world issues such as security, buyer’s choice, human intentions, etc. It uses patent-pending computer vision algorithms to enhance human-machine engagement.

3D eye-tracking software senses depth through cameras, and allows 3D to be tracked remotely – all of this done with consumer 3D cameras. It helps to capture real-world interactions, user attention, intention, purpose and interests.


Storm AI Startup
Industry: A.I.
Funding: $ 10.5M
Investor: Flying Fish Partners
Customer support became easier with the frame. Customers become dissatisfied when they do not receive the expected support from the company.

Introducing Strem, a revolution in customer support that helps your customers pinpoint the problem through the lens of their smartphone, and your team can quickly guide them through AR AR signals.

Streem equips product support engineers to obtain critical information using proprietary spatial mapping, OCR, and object and pose estimation machines. Technology Startups 2021


Snackpass ecommerce startup list
Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $ 23.1M
Investor: Andreessen Horowitz
Why wait in line when you can order your food on your phone and take your order when you arrive at the restaurant? This is even better than the ‘drive-in’ concept because you don’t have to wait for even a minute.

Prior to Snackpass, restaurant owners were concerned about customers not collecting their orders. With Snackpass, they don’t have to fear anything. The app automatically deducts money from its wallet as soon as a customer places an order. Simple, right?

SnackPass is now used at many universities across the US and is supported by some of the tech industry’s big backs.

Want to increase profits on your online store?
What to sell here!


Cashew Ecommerce Startup
Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: £ 80M
Investor: DMG Ventures
Shopping for cars online? Sounds skeptical, doesn’t it? wrong! Buying a car is now as easy as getting it right at your home.

Cazoo has made it easier to buy used cars. It is an inspection-cum-car selling shop. It has an extensive 150+ point checklist that every car has to go through. In addition, once ordered, the car will arrive at your door in the next 72 hours. If for some reason you do not like the car, you can always return it at no extra charge.

The wheels

Wheels ecommerce startup
Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $ 87M
Investor: DBL Partners
Wheels is a shared electric mobility platform designed to promote smart city projects worldwide. Wheels allow you to rent wheels (motor pods) for a day, a month or a year. They will take care of the maintenance and all other expenses associated with it. If the motor pod stops working, you’ll just get a new park.

The company offers hybrid electric vehicles with a sleek design, swappable parts, batteries, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and multiple charging points so that you can navigate with ease and be safe.


E-commerce startup
Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $ 30M
Investor: DBL Partners
Verishape is a lifestyle ecommerce store for your daily fashion needs. What distinguishes Werishap from the rest is the quality of the products it offers. The brand only has premium products from top brands. Verishapp aims to become a lifestyle shopping destination for customers who are looking for high quality products. The Verishp ecommerce store operates from Santa Monica, California, and has been quite successful over the past two years. Technology Startups 2021


Etigo ecommerce startup
Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $ 25.5M
Investor: Trip Advisor
Atigo claims to be the number one restaurant reservation platform in Asia. It is supported by Trip Advisor and offers dining deals and restaurant reservations in Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. What makes it the next big thing in the food industry is the quality of the service it provides. Users can reserve restaurants online, in minutes, and enjoy deals with special discounts.

Restaurant locations, pictures, reviews and menus are also available on the platform for users to see and decide in real-time, whether it is a good fit for them. Itigo was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.


List of NutSpace EdTech Startups
Industry: Edtech
Financing: Undeclared
Investor: N / A
NutSpace aims to prepare children for the future with 21st century skills. It uses a proprietary Inventive Thinking ™ methodology that teaches children “learning methods”. NutSpace also runs an in-class program that provides experiential learning to develop independent thinking skills among children.

The material helps children improve their imagination, listening and language skills.


Coachhub startup
Industry: Edtech
Financing: Undeclared
Investor: N / A
CoachHub is a mobile coaching cloud platform that provides personalized coaching to employees at all career levels.

The platform has a pool of top certified coaches from around the world. You can also become a coach if you meet the requirements. It provides live coaching sessions through video conferencing with flexible learning hours for employees. With this coaching, you can turn your managers into inspiring leaders, enhance team performance and help employees grow.

The startup operates from Berlin. It has already become a hub for experienced business trainers, personnel development specialists, serial entrepreneurs and prominent IT engineers.

Coded minds

Coded Minds best startup
Industry: Edtech
Funding: AED 10M
Investor: Al Arabi Investments
Coded Minds is a technology-education startup that aims to revolutionize the paradigm of technical education. Coded Mind focuses on methods. It starts with the problem and develops a practical, hands-on project-based curriculum.

Startups aim to focus on real-world issues and fix them using technology and innovation.

It is providing education to students of all ages in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia and America. It believes that education is purpose-driven. This is why it empowers children and adults to be creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and disruptive. Technology Startups 2021

Spring post

Springboard startup
Industry: Edtech
Funding: $ 22.2M
Investor: Reach Capital
Springboard provides users with in-demand job skills that can support them in advancing their professional careers. Since these courses are available online, anyone can learn easily at any time. Springboard is offering courses on data science, design, analytics, marketing and security. The company’s motto is a new approach to education.

According to the company, education is no longer a one-time investment, it is a lifelong pursuit. And, the company aims to develop courses that can help its students thrive in their respective fields.


Labster new startup
Industry: Edtech
Funding: $ 34.2M
Investor: Owl Ventures
Labster is an online platform that offers high school students the opportunity to perform various experiments online in a risk-free environment. Labsster is a perfect solution for third world countries, where most students do not have access to modern laboratories for performing science, physics and chemistry experiments.

With Labster, they can learn about the latest technologies, new ways to experiment, and get practical learning experiences right from their homes.

The company aims to build easily scalable online solutions that improve learning with standard methods at a significantly lower cost.

The Labster platform includes molecular 3D animations, quiz questions, and background theories that engage students in an immersive, game-like multimedia experience.


pleo edtech startup
Industry: Edtech
Funding: $ 78.8M
Investor: Streets
If instead of getting the salary transferred to your bank account – usually takes days – then you would be better off getting the salary in your company’s ID card immediately? You can use this card at ATMs, service stations, restaurants and even local banks. Technology Startups 2021

It makes life a lot easier, right? This is why Pleo, a company does the credit card service for you. This card is a win for both companies and employees. Instead of opening bank accounts, companies can issue these cards to all employees. They can use these cards as per their need and whenever they need to pay for a service. For a company, profit tracking is. They will get to know how much and where employees are using their cards and then they can create rebate deals for their employees. Apart from this, it also helps the company to invest in the fund. The company then gives a portion of the earned revenue to its employees, that is, if the employees have money above a certain threshold in their accounts. Sounds interesting right?

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